Percy Saltzman Biography

A Short Biography of Percy Saltzman

Percy Saltzman was born in Winnipeg, Man., in 1915. His parents, Solomon Saltzman and Lizzie Ross, born in Ukraine (1880), came to Canada in 1911. They married in 1914.

His folks then moved to Neudorf, Sask., where they operated a mom-and-pop general store selling groceries, hardware, skins, guns, tobacco, bolts of materials, tea. A lot of items were sold in bulk (Percy remembers the big barrels). The store was populated with farmers, Indians (Native born Canadians) and the R.C.M.P.

Ten years later (1925), his family upped stakes, shook off the dust of the flatlands and moved to hilly Vancouver, B.C., for a better education and a better future.

In Vancouver he got educated to University of British Columbia levels, winning sundry prizes in athletics and academicals, eventually moving to Montreal's McGill Medical School, destined to become a doctor. Not to be.

In Montreal, he left McGill and married Rose (1935).

In 1937 he moved to Toronto where he became a printer (a linotype operator).

In 1943, he went into meteorology, as a Met. Officer in the BCATP (British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (1940-1945), the Aerodrome of Democracy, following which Percy remained in meteorology as a full time employee of the official federal weather service for 25 years (1943-1968).

In 1953 he became Canada's first TV Weatherman (1952-1982). He also did hundreds of interviews with all the famous people of his time. On top of all this he also did Radio broadcasting.

In 2002 he was awarded The Order of Canada and in 2004 he became a member of The Broadcast Hall of Fame.

Married twice: Rose (1935-1988) and Audrey (1990 to present).

He reports the only thing happening today is the sound of his creaking bones.

Percy's Family

Wife Rose Kogan Saltzman (1911-1988)
Sons Earl Saltzman (born 1942)
Married - Judy Cass
Paul Saltzman (born 1943)
Grandchildren Aaron (Earl)
Zak (Earl)
Devyani (Paul)
Great Grandchild Riley Alexandra (born 2006) (Aaron)
Brothers Ken Saltzman (born 1924)
Morris Saltzman (1918-1988)
Sister Eva Saltzman (1921-1971)
Father Solomon Saltzman (1880-1960)
Mother Lizzie Ross Saltzman (1880-1965)

Rose's Family

Brothers Misha Kogan (1904-1985)
Sam Carr (1906-1989)
Sister Polly Kogan Robins (1913-2006)
First Cousins Irve Zeil (born 1920)
Roxie Zeil Wiseman (1914-2003)
Second Cousins Bevy Wiseman Kagan (Roxy)
Sandy Wiseman (Roxy)
Phyllis Wiseman (Roxy)

Audrey's Family

Percy's Wife Audrey [née Modeland] Saltzman (born 1930)
Husband C. Alan Ford B.Sc., M.A. Sc. (1927-1988)
Sons Fredric Ford (born 1954)
Married Heather Ford
Robert Ford (born 1962)
Married Catherine Campolin
Daughter Julia Ford (born 1958)
Married Dianne Clare
Grandchild Carolin Ford (Robert) [2001]
Sister Shirley [née Modeland] Millard (born 1934)
Married Ken Millard
Cousins Gordon "Gordie" Modeland
Married Kay Modeland
Patrick "Paddy" McIntyre
Married Margaret "Peg" [née Jarman] McIntyre (1921-1990)